The Grand Parc du Puy du Fou,every day in July and August

le secret de la lance

Gros plan sur l’arène du Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou, since 40 years, a nice day with your family

You  need the whole day to discover and appreciate the Grand Parc of Puy du Fou.
50 ha of forests and gardens, 700 animals and grandiose shows which please as well the young’s as the adults.
First, return to the roman time and install in the Gallo-Roman stadium. A deserving atmosphere, like the best peplos of the cinema!  Vibrate for the Gallic prisoners sentenced to the games of the circus: tanks in Ben-Hur, lions, gladiators .. It is the sign of the triumph.

Les vikings s'invitent au mariage

Les vikings s’invitent au mariage

A jump of a few centuries, and we find in the year 1000. The party of the marriage of Alderick and Cibèle is interrupted: a longship comes out of the water and the Vikings come to plunder the village.

Le bal des oiseaux fantomes

Le bal des oiseaux fantomes


We are in the time of the crusades. In the ruins of the 1st castle of Puy du Fou, princess Aurore wakes up and finds her friends, birds of prey. The ball of bird’s ghosts is a magic moment. They spin and dance above our heads. They follow the sound of the music. They are coming to look for the food thrown by the falconers scattered in the assistance.

le secret de la lance

le secret de la lance

Now, let us pass in the period of the Hundred Years’ Wars. Marguerite remained alone in the castle. Thanks to the secret of the lance. She is going to be able to protect her ramparts. An astonishing technology in this show. An opportunity also to see very closely the exploit of the horse riders of Puy du Fou.


Wonderfull day! 

le grand CarrouselNow, let us come in the theater of the big carousel. Louis XIII and queen Anne gives a big public party. The musketeers of Brogue shoe are, the dancers of Flamenco there also, same horses are on stage.
To go of a place of show to the other one, you cross various reconstituted villages:




Le village 1900

Le village 1900

The medieval city which welcomes the craftsmen of Puy du Fou.
The 18th village makes relive old traditions (oven of the potter, the forge, the wash house.)
The village 1900 shelters shops around a very livened up small place.

On your course, you will also cross mini-shows: the Knights of the Round Table (novelty 2013), Martin’s legend (showof magic), the imaginary world of the Fountain (garden which speaks)



le dernier panache, Charette

Théatre du puy du Fou, les sièges spoectateurs se déplacent à 360 °

The last panache takes place in a covered theater with 2400 places. Impressive, it’s the story of Charette, since its childhood near Challans, until he dies tragically by execution in Nantes in 1796.
Here we are embarked,  the spectator is as the camera, he follows the action, moves, hey yes! Seats turn, they stop on 1 scene: Napoleon in exile in Sainte Hélène dictates his memoirs and his regrets not to have known Charette. Flash-back on its pupil’s life to the school of the marine guarding in Brest ., new scene .. and so on . we are going to discover 24 scenes which take place in 6 different theaters. 40 actors evolve, 280 different suits, real artistic and technical exploit, delight guaranteed for the spectators.